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Important Dates of AMCCE

Full Paper Submission:

Round 1: October 18, 2023

Round 2: November 18, 2023


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November 18-19, 2023

About the Conference

Call for Papers

Submitted papers will be assessed based on their novelty, technical quality, potential impact, and clarity of writing. For papers that rely heavily on empirical evaluations, the experimental methods and results should be clear, well executed, and repeatable. Authors are strongly encouraged to make data and code publicly available whenever possible. Every paper submitted to AMCCE 2023 conference is sent to at least two reviewers that include members of the International Program Committee, members of the Technical Committee, and additional qualified reviewers.

Submissions of papers describing original work in, but not limited to, the following topics are enthusiastically encouraged:


TOPIC 1: Mechanical Science and Engineering

Applied Mechanics 
Automotive Engineering 
Computational Mechanics 
Dynamics and Vibration 
Fatigue and Fracture 
Fluid Dynamics 
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery 
Fuels and Combustion 
General mechanics 
Internal Combustion Engines 
Machinery and Machine Design 
Mechanical Design 
Mechanical Power Engineering 
Multibody Dynamics 
Noise and Vibration 
Plasticity Mechanics 
Precision mechanics, mechatronics 

TOPIC 2: Automatic Control and Applications

Micro-computer Embedded Control Applications 
Process Control and Automation 
Sensors and Applications 
Industrial Process Control 
Decision Support Systems 
Fuzzy Control and Its Applications 
Cybernetics for Informatics 
Industrial Bus Control Applications 
Measurement and Diagnosis Systems 
Digital System and Logic Design 
Circuits and Systems


TOPIC 3: Computer Applications and Information Engineering

Numerical Algorithms and Analysis 
Computational Simulation and Analysis 
Data Visualization and Virtual Reality 
Computational Mathematics 
Computational Graphics 

Computational Statistics 
Scientific and Engineering Computing 
Parallel and Distributed Computing 
Grid Computing and Cluster Computing 
Embedded and Network Computing 
Signal and Image Processing 

TOPIC 4: Software Engineering and Information System Design

Software Architectures 
Software Design and Development 
Software Testing 
Software Agents 
Web-based Software Engineering 
Project Management 
Software Performance Engineering 
Service Engineering 
Model-Driven Development 
Applications of DB Systems and Information Systems


TOPIC 5: Artificial Intelligence Theory and Applications

Machine Learning 
Pattern Recognition 
Knowledge Discovery 
Intelligent Data Analysis 
Neural Networks 
Genetic Algorithms 
Medical Diagnostics 
Data Mining 
Support Vector Machines 
Machine Vision 
Intelligent Systems and Language


TOPIC 6: Network, Communication Technology and Applications

Attacks and Prevention of Online Fraud 
Cryptographic Protocols and Functions 
Economics of Security and Privacy 
Identity and Trust Management 
Information Hiding and Watermarking 
Infrastructure Security 
Intrusion Detection, Tolerance and Prevention 
Network and Wireless Network Security
Trusted Computing 
Adaptive Modulation and Coding 
Channel Capacity and Channel Coding 
CDMA and Spread Spectrum
System Modeling and Simulationork Security
Trusted Computing 
Adaptive Modulation and Coding 
Channel Capacity and Channel Coding 
CDMA and Spread Spectrum


TOPIC 7: System Modeling and Simulation

Simulation Tools and Languages 
Discrete Event Simulation 
Object-Oriented Implementation 
Web-based Simulation 
Monte Carlo Simulation 
Distributed Simulation 
Simulation Optimization 
Numerical Methods 
Mathematical Modelling 
Agent-based Modelling 
Dynamic Modelling 
Continuous and Discrete Methodologies 
Time Series Analysis 
Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation 

Economics and Finance Modeling

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